Love your customers

3 Ways To Love Your Customers More!

The blizzard of the year has hit the East Coast, and now is the time to target online customers! Check out these customer outreach tips -- a gift from us to you.
Boutique Buying

Should You Offer A “Boutique”​ Sales Experience in 2017?

Some buyers still want to come to your dealership, but we’re seeing that more and more of them want a boutique sales experience. Well -- why wouldn't they?
The Leads are Weak

Are The Leads Really Weak?

Get with the program, the leads aren't weak.
Customer Annoyance

Customer Annoyance Issue: The Malibu Tic

Anyone else remember the "Malibu tic"? Take a look at our "Common Problems" data set and see what other issues popular trade-in models might have.
Espresso or Americano

How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

Feeling disconnected from your end user? Here are 20 practical tips to better understand any customer.