The 5 W’s of Automotive Wholesale in 2020

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The 5 W’s of Automotive Wholesale in 2020

Coming off the craziest market that has been seen to date, everyone is wondering what to expect in the New Year. Robert Hollenshead, the World’s Largest Automotive Wholesaler, optimistically reflects on the year 2020 and provides confidence ie: “trade-insurance”, “balls”, “intestinal fortitude” for dealers going into 2021… Listen for yourself!

1:23 When did dealers start buying cars directly from the public?

2:50 What is the epitome of the market that will never repeat itself?

3:33 What two things happen when you get your dealer license? The whole world knows that you’re a pile of dirt; You become the ultimate optimist.

4:02 Who does the automotive industry attract? Freedom lovers that aren’t afraid of work because they’ll work as much as they want for themselves.

5:07 “At what point are we going to hit these barriers where we can’t do anymore?” – John Wolfe

7:20 When would an optimist admit to things getting a little weird?

11:24 What do you mean by the “mud” category of cars?

13:39 Where can the average dealer leverage the liquidity a platform?

16:00 What is the definition of a smart buyer?

18:15 Why can’t you put a proxy on anything in the market?

19:13 If CarMax is bidding, they’ve touched the car.

23:16 Why you don’t have to second guess your trade value… ever again.


Thank you for listening to this live recording of The VIN-Dow Podcast with Robert Hollenshead, on December 17, 2020.



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