Leverage Accu-Trade & Do Business In A HyperMarket

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Leverage Accu-Trade & Do Business In A HyperMarket

Excerpts from the VIN-Dow Podcast Episode 14, “If You Don’t Got ‘Em, Ya Can’t Sell ‘Em” with Robert Hollenshead. 

We don’t need to be the Christopher Columbus of telling people that we’re now in the single most hyper market that I’ve ever experienced in my life.  If the market in 2020 turned out to be the brightest days in the history of wholesale automotive, then we are now in version two.

Accu-trade processes a couple hundred thousand appraisals a day across North America. We’re seeing way more cars that are selling wholesale for more than they were asking retail last year. A last years $53 G retail car brings $57,000 on the auction block today.


You Don’t Like Grapes… is it Because you Can’t Reach Them?

Now, when a car gets up in the wind like that. A group of willing buyers ran a car to a point where they all got sick of bidding. The floor could be 27 G and the car brings 33 G.  You can see where CarMax quit, you can see where Carvana quit.  They no longer see how they could find a better end user than the person that was still standing.  

The question becomes:  Did you pay too much? Well, the people watching from the stands, the pontificators, who love to throw stones at the best end-user, will say:

  • “Oh my God, what’s he going to do with that car?”
  • “Oh man, he stepped in it, on that car.”
  • “I (all of a sudden) don’t like grapes”

Justifying why they don’t have the ability to understand why the car brought so much money.

You know what the best end user does?

They go home with a car. 

So then the question becomes, did you pay too much? No, the answer is, of course you didn’t pay too much.  You paid arbitrage market value. 


In this HyperMarket, You can Watch Somebody else do Business, or You can do Business.

  • Nobody’s coming in to buy your cement parking blockers
  • You can’t talk about how much cars are bringing at auction to a customer looking to buy one and you don’t have any.

If you ain’t got them, you can’t sell them.  


Not the Hamburgered up Ones

But that doesn’t mean the ones that are all hamburgered up, chopped up, wrapped and nine different people have owned it …no, no, no, not, not those ones.  The vehicles where a human owned it, and it took care of it a little tiny bit.  

Accu-Trade extracts and observes VINs for automotive traders, used car managers, used car dealers, or dealer principals, whose investment is their portfolio of cars.  

So you know on every VIN:

  • Where it is?
  • Who sold it?
  • For how long?
  • The equipment?
  • When it’s been?
  • when it came back?
  •  How long did it sit there?
  • Understand what the accident was?
  • When was the last time it was listed?
  • And all the rest of it 

The means to know if you’re the best end user.  Get a Demo Today!


Summing Up

The market’s nuts it’s completely off the wall, goofy, nuts, wacko, crazy, unbelievable.

We’re going to be in a tight market for the next, I’m going to say for sure, two months. It’s probably going to be a four-month period where we’re back to the euphoria of last year’s May, June, July, and August.  

If you are selling, now’s the time to clean out and make yourself a wholetail profit. And in many cases, I’ll reiterate it more than you’re asking for the car retail. Absolutely. The broader arbitrage market will reveal it to the other best end or better end users.

Have Fun Everyone – Bob

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PPS – Here’s the full podcast this was taken from – Episode 14

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