About Us

Accu-Trade provides dealers across North America with the same proven tools that Robert Hollenshead Auto Sales' team of over 50 buyers use to buy and sell 50,000 units a year.

What We Do
Drive Dealer Success

Accu-Trade commoditizes any VIN. Our product fills the void in real-time used car values and current market data for any marketplace. It digs into places nobody else has ever gone. Besides a suggested market value, a dealer can take our price to the bank. The Accu-Trade team helps dealers develop and implement a positive trade-in processes that closes more trade-ins, delivers higher profits, creates great customer relationships, while eliminating risk one VIN at a time.

For decades, our team has worked closely with Dealer Groups, OEM’s, and Dealerships to optimize their trade-ins and sales process. And our easy-to-use value-based appraisal process is designed to quickly capture detailed condition information and calculate the true value of your vehicle, instantly.

Accu-Trade makes it easier for car buyers to trade their vehicles with your dealership and to engage with these highly-coveted customers early in their purchasing cycle. Our team of automotive veterans is dedicated to dealer success and continually bringing innovation to the industry.

Today, we deliver the most advanced solutions designed to Commoditize the VIN.

Our Background
Decades Of Innovation

Accu-Trade was founded by Bob Hollenshead, CEO of R. Hollenshead Auto Sales (RHAS), Rob Bulyovsky, Accu-Trade’s president, and Jeff Zamora, Accu-Trade’s CTO. With five decades of automotive industry experience, RHAS is the largest volume dealer, buyer and seller of vehicles in North America, handling about 1,000 vehicles every single week.

We have put that deep industry experience into developing Accu-Trade. Among our achievements, we are the inventors of the first-ever online trade-in offer delivered to consumers in 2008 via AutoTrader.com’s “Trade-In Marketplace.” Hollenshead also sold BuyBook Technologies, the valuation engine behind the Trade-In Marketplace, to Cox Automotive in 2014, now branded as Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer.

Accu-Trade is partnering with TrueCar to bring dealers TrueCar Trade and Trader Canada to bring Instant Cash Offer. This next generation platform is designed to serve as a user-friendly, mobile-first product offering featuring a completely transparent valuation process designed to revolutionize appraisals and valuations for dealers and consumers.

Our Team

Robert Hollenshead

Rob Bulyovsky

Jeff Zamora

Sean Liptay

Kevin Berry

Logan Keirstead

Holly McFarland

Mark Parker

Stuart Liptay

Chris Fell