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Galves is a truly independent source for realistic, unbiased trade-in values. Use Galves values to make sure you are buying and trading vehicles for the right money.

About Us

Since the publication of its first dealers’ guidebook in 1957, Galves has relied on more than static mathematical formulas and auction price averages to determine a vehicle’s actual value. Galves provides thousands of valuations daily for dealers, banks, insurance professionals and others that require precise vehicle values, not value ranges with several thousand dollar spreads.

Galves market-correct data fuels Accu-Trade’s valuation platform used by dealers across North American to sell more vehicles and give customers an upfront offers for their trade-ins. Accu-Trade provides VIN-specific conditioned-based appraisals in seconds with specific valuation adjustments, common problems identification and vehicle history report integration – all in the palm of your hand.

Both Accu-Trade and Galves are proud to be part of R. Hollenshead Auto Sales, Inc. Founded in 1972, R. Hollenshead Auto Sales is the largest volume dealer, buyer and seller of vehicles in North America, handling about 1,000 vehicles every week.

Trusted by dealers since 1957, Galves Market Data has been available in Canada since 2011. Read more about our history here.

We are also thrilled to announce our partnership with TrueCar to Launch TrueCar Trade. Learn more at

Why Galves Market Data?

This is one of the most valid and frequently asked questions we receive. Before placing your trust in any value it obviously makes sense to understand exactly how the value is determined.

Galves value is NOT a mere statistic or a market average.

It is NOT derived from some mathematical formula projecting depreciation at a steady pace and it is NOT simply the average price paid at auction last week. Publishing meaningful trade-in values requires digging deeper than that. We do exactly that and offer dealers and consumers values that make sense in the real world.

We like to respond by saying that all Galves values are based on thousands of Canadian data points including:

  • Input we receive from our experienced consultants;
  • Analysis of current wholesale data by our in-house staff;
  • Constant feedback we receive from dealers doing business literally outside our front door and based on arbitration data from across North America and;
  • Our 60+ years of experience evaluating and analyzing historical/seasonal trends.


Galves Market Data Canada API opens up a number of possibilities for the Canadian market

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