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Why Social Media Matters to Car Dealers

The internet and social media have both changed the world for auto dealers. Here's how you can use them to connect more easily with potential customers!
Competitive Pricing

Mileage Thresholds

Does 100 miles make a big difference in the wholesale price of a car? The interesting truth about the power of mileage thresholds in a consumer's psyche.
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3 Strategies for Sourcing More Trades

With more than 70% of consumers buying a new car with a trade-in attached, it's now more important than ever to face the trade-in head on.
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On Demand Price Discovery

Sellers and buyers engage in the "price discovery" process on dealer lots every day. What if there was a way to get accurate price discovery on demand?

Accu-Trade vs. TradePending vs. Mobials

We think our Accu-Trade Instant Offer tool stacks up against anyone -- that's why we put it to the test against SNAP by TradePending and Tradesii by Mobials