3 Ways To Love Your Customers More!

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3 Ways To Love Your Customers More!

Love your customers

Now that the blizzard of the year has hit the East Coast, things are heating up and I’m feelin’ the love. Here are three ways you can love your customers more online… and not just on Valentine’s Day!

1) CHAT: Let your visitors communicate with you the way they want to

2) 3 P’S: Show your prices, promotions, and payments

3) TRADE-INS: Let visitors value their trade-ins on your website

You might be doing some, or you might be doing all of these things (in which case – way to go!). The most successful dealers that I work with turn these customer outreach tips into best practices and then into processes, and I know the tools they use to do it! Reach out (c: 506-874-7355) to chat about what I do every day, best practices, industry news or events, and technologies that are helping other dealers succeed.

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