Customer Annoyance

Customer Annoyance Issue: The Malibu Tic

Anyone else remember the "Malibu tic"? Take a look at our "Common Problems" data set and see what other issues popular trade-in models might have.
Espresso or Americano

How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

Feeling disconnected from your end user? Here are 20 practical tips to better understand any customer.
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More Trade-In Leads, Yes Please!

What's the number one way to increase your dealership's trade-in leads? We think we've found the answer in Instant Offer -- see for yourself!
Customers aren't loyal

4 Ways To Engage Car Buyers

We all know that mobile and video are rapidly becoming more important in the auto retail industry. But how much more important are they really? Let's go through some facts.

Navigate Canadian Vehicle Valuations With Accu-Trade

How do we know that Accu-Trade's VIN-specific data is the best out there? We've been in this business a long time, and we know what other valuation tools are capable of. They still can't beat us.