4 Ways To Engage Car Buyers

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4 Ways To Engage Car Buyers

Customers aren't loyal

When a customer starts thinking about a new vehicle, there is a possibility that they will return to the last dealership they bought from… but that doesn’t mean they aren’t browsing other dealerships online.

So what can you do to keep your customers and gain new customers online?

As a dealership, your challenge is to target those shoppers and turn them into customers.

Today, upwards of 90% of car shoppers research their next car online and 6 out of 10 shoppers who enter the market are open to buying a different brand or model.

Before a car buyer walks into your dealership, they have turned to mobile to research brands, watch videos and read reviews – about the vehicle, but also about you! The latest facts prove that:

Consider these 4 actions to retain and capture more customers online:

1)  Provide rich content to drive searches and educate shoppers.

2)  Use video and lots of it. Youtube is influencing car buyers more than traditional media. According to google, there is a 220% growth in video watching for car buyers in just the last year.

3)  Be ready for mobile and design for it. In 2015, Google announced that more searches are now on mobile than desktop.

4)  When shoppers are looking for what they can get for their trade-in, give them the tool to do so. Today, 70% of new car buyers have a trade-in.

You spent a lot of time and money getting shoppers to your website, so give customers what they want. Adding features like Instant Offer by Accu-Trade will give your dealership a powerful competitive advantage.

Instant Offer turns your valuable website visitors into customers …by delivering an interactive “Value Your Trade” experience – right from your dealer website. Instant Offer captures customers’ contact information, the make and model of new car they are looking at, the specifics on their trade-in, and even sets an appointment with your dealership.

If your dealership isn’t using Accu-Trade yet, reach out to me anytime to set up a demo or a 30-day free trial. It’s the only fully customizable dealer tool in Canada designed to compliment your dealership’s unique trade-in process.

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