Navigate Canadian Vehicle Valuations With Accu-Trade

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Navigate Canadian Vehicle Valuations With Accu-Trade

A printed map costs a few bucks and gets you to around your neighborhood – everyone has used one, and anybody can get one.

Navigation systems cost a bit more to create and maintain, but they can deliver you from across the country directly to your front door.

Consider for a moment that books and market reports are maps, while Accu-Trade is VIN-specific navigation.

Accu-Trade is your transparent navigator in any marketplace: wholesale, retail, auction, online or in lane, and for diminished values. Accu-Trade is agnostic and actionable.

If you plug the wrong address into your navigation system, it will take you to the wrong place. Similarly, Accu-Trade relies on accurate input of a few well-defined VIN specific details:

  • color
  • smell
  • value impact options
  • physical characteristics
  • and previous paint

When combined, these inputs create a VIN specific “pedigree.”  This pedigree is comparable to the DNA (details never asked) of the VIN.

Accu-Trade’s pedigree report (Universal Condition Report) can be accessed and modified throughout the trade-in, transport, re-marketing, auction or arbitration process, and then again during future Diminished Value Calculation and archiving.  Like a “one write” checkbook, transparency is absolute, fundamental, and unique.

Accu-Trade’s transparent, value-impacting price adjustments each show the precise value addition or deduction associated with the particular data point. These remain irrefutable and allow for better, more logical conversations with your customers.

Precise Trade-In Valuation Drives Better Leads

Accu-Trade’s advanced lead generation tool – Instant Offer – is designed to integrate seamlessly into your dealer website and is unique to the industry. In a matter of clicks, Instant Offer quickly guides your visitors through a transparent and interactive trade-in appraisal process.

One of the ways Accu-Trade differentiates itself from the competition is the ability to provide a guaranteed value directly to any consumer.  This has never been done in Canada.

The process is instant and totally transparent.  To ensure transparency, Accu-Trade enables modifications for instances where the retail customer has, by intent or oversight, entered inaccurate or incomplete information into the vehicle description.  Using any mobile device, dealers can update appraisal information and co-validate the inspected, current condition.

Accu-Trade’s dealer lead generator / trade valuation tool is built to recognize and facilitate modification based on your specific needs – directly from your dealer website. Its mission is to create a trade-in range that matches your dealership profile.  Your rooftop can increase or decrease the consumer-facing “offer.”  Depending on your dealership profile, inclination, market conditions, or brand, you can “white label” and tune the consumer offer price to be more aggressive or more conservative based on your individual needs.

OMVIC Compliance

Accu-Trade automatically quantifies all information required by OMVIC and lending regulators.  There is little “wiggle room” left for interpretation.

Full compliance with OMVIC and other compliance requests is achieved when dealership users take a few seconds to input VIN-specific disclosures.  These disclosures can be used in audit support and can also be accessed remotely.  After your customer signs the time, date and location stamped report, Accu-Trade archives each transaction and optionally allows access by an in-office or remote inspector.  This saves your dealership from aggravation and unnecessary panic attacks when an audit is scheduled.

Diminished Value Calculator

Accu-Trade also provides a transparent Diminished Value Report to drivers who have experienced accidents that have resulted in insurance claims.  This report gives a guaranteed pre and post incident purchase offer that determines the vehicle’s exact current value and diminished value. This number is available to law firms as well as dealers, lease companies, and OEMs.

The Accu-Trade team has been in the wholesale valuation and re-marketing industry for over forty years. We track values for thousands of makes and models and update pricing in real-time to reflect constantly changing marketing conditions – so you trade at the right price, every time.

Check out our site or email Logan at to learn even more about what we do!

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