This Changes Everything

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This Changes Everything

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Canada’s first (and only) data on common problems

Last week, we shared how Auto dealers across Canada are using Accu-Trade’s powerful Instant Offer feature to drive more leads. It gives you the power to offer customers a firm price range for a trade-in. That drives more leads from dealer web sites that convert into sales.

We are not stopping there. Accu-Trade is focused on making its service even more useful to dealerships.

Now we’re introducing a “Common Problems Data” feature to Accu-Trade’s Appraiser Pro tool. It gives dealers a heads up on common problems with a particular car or truck model.

Accu-Trade Makes Things Clearer

You can use this knowledge to close more deals and save yourself possible headaches when you take in a trade.

With Accu-Trade you will see vehicles clearly. It’s like adding chlorine to water – something cloudy gets much clearer.

Accu-Trade means you really know what you’re getting on trade.

Is your dealership ready to try Accu-Trade? Let us set up a Free 30-Day Account. No strings attached and no credit card required. Reach out to me anytime to get started:

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