Taking The Path of Least Resistance

Understand that salespeople taking the path of least resistance and how this can work against the dealership.   We meet Thursday at 10:30 am to discuss […]

Vetting the VIN Based on Facts

A trade-in process that takes consumer, manager or sales people from the beginning to the end of a VIN-specific appraisal. This rationally designed process, communicates and […]

The Definition of A “Good Deal”

The definition of a “Good Deal” is when the customer has Peace of Mind. The feeling that you, “got a good deal”. Enabling the consumer to […]

Retail Profit on a Wholesale Piece

My name is Jared Hicks, I’m 27 years old. I’ve been at Toyota for about four years, and I’ve been in the Used Car Manager position […]

Our First Number, Is Our Last Number

My name is Jeff Coyle and I’m the General Manager of Saint John Toyota, in Saint John, New Brunswick. We run with Accu-Trade out of three […]