Accu-Trade vs. TradePending vs. Mobials

We think our Accu-Trade Instant Offer tool stacks up against anyone -- that's why we put it to the test against SNAP by TradePending and Tradesii by Mobials
Thinking like a dealer presenter

Is Your Sales Process Dialed? Here Are 4 Tips to Dial Up!

We had the pleasure of hearing Josh Mitchell (the self-described "autodisrupter") speak at a conference last year about common dealer sales mistakes.
Accutrade opportunities

Why aren’t your online OPPORTUNITIES converting above 10%?

Lots of dealerships aren't fully committed to their sales process. Here's why it's important to train your salespeople to handle and convert leads.
Logan Keirstead Biography

Women & Automotive Leadership Q&A

Check out this interview our wonderful Logan recently did with Auto Remarketing Canada! We're thrilled she's getting the recognition she deserves.
disconnected phone

Sorry, We Must Have Been Disconnected

We're connected with people around the world, but disconnected from our own neighbors and communities. Don't let remote conversations replace genuine connections.