Sorry, We Must Have Been Disconnected

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Sorry, We Must Have Been Disconnected

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We’re more connected than ever, but are we really? Human interactions are becoming less and less frequent, with less and less value. This bothers me. We’re losing touch with each other and missing out on honest, genuine connections.

Why go to a bank? The mall? Why call someone to schedule an appointment if you can do it online? I have a love – hate relationship with the idea of technology replacing human interaction. I love it because it’s more efficient (in some cases), and efficiency means we’re saving time… technology gives us extra bundles of time, time to… ideally spend doing things we love, with the people we love.

What if you’re missing these people in your life because you didn’t go to the bank, or the mall, or call someone to schedule an appointment? What if technology is robbing you of a very natural, sometimes awkward human connection? The connection you have when you smile with a stranger in line at the mall as the lovely old lady in front of you does her best to convince the cashier that her credit card doesn’t have a pin.

I encourage you to talk to people, go to the bank, to the mall, and call to schedule your appointment (if you can get someone to answer their phone.) In this connected age, try to be disconnected — or at the very least, be more aware of the valuable human interactions you have in your life.

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