Accu-Trade Appraiser FAQ’s

The Professionals’ Car

Today’s automotive trader is wise to be on the lookout for the “professional’s car” when acquiring. No, not a lawyers or doctors vehicle, I’m talking about […]

How do you know it wasn’t a moon shot?

Pricing incoming trade-ins like Honda Civics, Toyota Camrys, or any of the best sellers from the big car companies is a relatively easy task.  Lots of […]

How Instant Offer Drove a Car Purchase — A Car Buyer’s Perspective (VIDEO)

We talk a lot about dealers, but car buyers love our products too. Here's a video testimonial from a Lexus driver who was on the fence about making a trade-in -- until they used Instant Offer.

Reaching (and Keeping!) Tech-Loving, Web Savvy Customers: Part 2

Taking some parts of your dealership's car buying process online can help you reach new customers -- and keep the ones that you find!