The Professionals’ Car

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The Professionals’ Car

Today’s automotive trader is wise to be on the lookout for the “professional’s car” when acquiring.

No, not a lawyers or doctors vehicle, I’m talking about the auto dealer’s version of the  professional car

The units that have been owned by separate dealers for an extended period of time, continuously offered for retail sale, yet unable to find an retail customer.  

The vehicle’s Days on Market (DOM) is creeping up, up, up …  buy one of these and even though new to you, it could actually be over 200 DOM on the retail market.

  • Ever bought a wholesale piece from a wholesale marketplace that’s clean, priced to sell and it doesn’t?
  • Did you consider how many Days On Market the unit has been on the Internet before you bought it?  

Even if you bought it correctly, that doesn’t mean it’ll sell.  

It could very well be retail stale.  

Do your bank account a favour, and see if that unit you are about to buy hasn’t already been on the market beyond its best before date.   

It’s an awful lot easier to sell fresh over frozen… You’ll turn more and do less head scratching as to why a piece hasn’t sold.

Accu-Trade tracks the retail listing history of almost every vehicle in the market.  See who had it first, for how long and what they were trying to sell it for.

Don’t let someone else’s stale unit become your stale unit.  

Check it out here

About the Author


  • Sean Liptay has spent his career in the trenches of wholesale. As owner of the largest independent auction in eastern Canada he sees the results of used car manager’s and independent’s acquisition and disposal processes.  He likes to say that “I went to school at the auction, post-secondary education developing an online marketplace, and have now moved on to graduate school learning from automotive mastermind, Bob Hollenshead”


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