Accu-Trade Appraiser FAQ’s

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Accu-Trade Appraiser FAQ’s

Here are some of the questions dealers most often ask about Accu-Trade Appraiser:

What is Accu-Trade Appraiser?

Accu-Trade Appraiser is a wholesale-up, condition-based vehicle pricing tool. It uses Galves Market Data Canada, a data company that has been compiling vehicle valuation information since 1957, and since 2012 in Canada. Appraiser takes that extensive proprietary data set to apply an accurate value to any vehicle. Appraiser then adds and deducts values based on the conditions you specify.

How do I access it?

You can access Appraiser via its easy-to-use web site, or by using the Android or Apple app.

Where do the values come from?

This is one of the most valid and frequently asked questions we receive. Before placing your trust in any value it obviously makes sense to understand exactly how the value is determined.

A Galves value is NOT a mere statistic or a market average.  It is NOT derived from some mathematical formula projecting depreciation at a steady pace and it is NOT simply the average price paid at auction last week. Publishing meaningful trade-in values requires digging deeper than that. We do exactly that and offer dealers and consumers values that make sense in the real world.

All Galves values are based on:

1)  Input we receive from our experienced consultants,

2)  Analysis of current wholesale data by our in-house staff,

3)  Constant feedback from dealers doing business literally outside our front door and based on arbitration data from across North America and

4)  Our 60+ years of experience evaluating and analyzing historical/seasonal trends.

Accu-Trade prides itself on its accurate Canadian wholesale data sets. With proven market relevant pricing, Accu-Trade starts the “Value My Trade” conversation with realistic expectations. Capture more leads with values that aren’t based on CBB.

Tell me more about Common Problems Data.

Accu-Trade has the data that shows you potential inherent problems with a vehicle. Avoid finding out too late. This is the only pricing tool on the market that has it.

What if I have a question about a value?

That’s why Accu-Trade offers Real-Time Analyst Feedback. Accu-Trade connects you directly to the trade desk, so you can get specific answers to your valuation questions. We are here to help you trade at the right price.

Can I use Appraiser together with Instant Offer?

Yes, the two work together seamlessly. If you are an Instant Offer user, your customer leads (trade-in details and customer contact information) will instantly appear in Appraiser, and you can then apply more condition-based appraising, as needed.

Appraiser shows two prices. What is the difference between “Target Trade” and “Target Auction”?

“Target Trade” is the price (or below this value) that you should pay for the vehicle. “Target Auction” is the price that you should be able to receive for the vehicle if you decide to sell it in a robust wholesale marketplace.

What is the difference between Appraiser and vAuto?

vAuto is a retail-pricing, transaction-based provisioning tool while Appraiser is a wholesale-pricing, VIN-specific appraisal tool that focuses on the actual condition of the vehicle. Also, Appraiser uses the only “common problems” data set in the industry, so you will always know potential inherent issues about the vehicle before you buy it.

How do I enter a vehicle into Appraiser to start the appraisal process?

With the Android or Apple app, you simply scan the VIN sticker using your phone, and the vehicle will appear in Appraiser. If you don’t have the VIN, you can select year, make, model, and style. If you are using Instant Offer, the trade-in vehicles will automatically be in the system for you.

What vehicle conditions can I specify during the appraisal process?

Appraiser enables you to specify virtually any vehicle condition. You can specify what options it has, what color it is, how many miles it has, and any disclosures. You can also add any exterior or interior defects, with descriptions and pictures. The pricing changes automatically as you add conditions.

Does Appraiser work together with Carfax and Carproof?

Yes, if you use Carfax or Carproof, you can enter your credentials in Appraiser and then attach these reports to the vehicle.

What types of reports does Appraiser provide?

Appraiser includes robust reporting capabilities. You can run reports by valuations, appraisals, and leads. You can use filters such as date, sales person, sales status, or vehicle type, among others.

I use vAuto. Why would I also use Appraiser?

vAuto is a retail-down tool to price your inventory. It’s not effective for valuing vehicles that you’re going to wholesale. Appraiser takes the guesswork out as it’s a VIN-specific condition based appraisal tool. Most dealers who use both, use vAuto to appraise 70% of their units, and use Appraiser for the other 30%. It’s an ideal backstop if you’re not sure whether to keep the unit for retail, or to wholesale it. Appraiser helps eliminate any uncertainty and reduces the dealer’s risk.

Can I link to my Carfax account?

Yes, if you use Carfax, you can enter your credentials in Appraiser and then attach these reports to the vehicle.

Is there an app?

Yes, Appraiser is available as an Android or Apple app. It’s a free, easy install. You simply sign in with your user name and password and start appraising.

What are common problems?

Accu-Trade has the data that shows you potential inherent problems with a vehicle. Avoid finding out too late. This is the only pricing tool on the market that has it.


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