How do you know it wasn’t a moon shot?

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How do you know it wasn’t a moon shot?

Pricing incoming trade-ins like Honda Civics, Toyota Camrys, or any of the best sellers from the big car companies is a relatively easy task.  Lots of data, lots of market report transactions… lots to go on..

But what about when you are triangulating on a oddball piece?  Those low transaction, low data pieces?

Maybe you find a real transaction at some far flung marketplace. You think, maybe you can build off of that?

But how do you know it wasn’t a “moon shot”?

You’ve seen moon shots before. The results of a bidding war, lots of times due to two dealers having the same retail customer, or my favourite to watch; the “who’s got the bigger ego?” square off.

So how do you know?

You can’t.

This is why you need the process and data that only Accu-Trade provides.  It’s a Standardized Profit process and access to data that will show you the commoditized price on any unit.

Now it’s not for every dealer…to start with it costs a few hundred a month.  That alone will eliminate some dealers. It’s built for the traders.

Check it out here

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