Dealer Sees 800% Lead Increase with Instant Offer

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Dealer Sees 800% Lead Increase with Instant Offer

We love when our dealers are able to use Accu-Trade’s innovative lead generation and wholesale pricing tools to improve their numbers and impress their customers. We especially love when they write to tell us all about it.

Western GMC Buick’s story

“In one month, we booked five appointments with Kijiji leads and nine with Accu-Trade for a fraction of the cost. There is no question, Accu-Trade is the most cost-effective lead solution for dealerships,” said Chad Jackson, Internet Marketing Manager at Western GMC Buick.

Western GMC Buick is a thriving dealership in Edmonton that’s part of Alberta’s Wolfe Automotive Group, but Chad isn’t the kind of guy to sit back on his heels and enjoy success. Even though Western GMC was doing great, he was constantly out looking for new ways to get a leg up on the competition.

He decided that Western GMC needed to increase its trade-in leads. Over 70% of potential buyers have trade-ins, and he thought they might like to see the value of their trade-in right on his dealership’s website. There was only one problem — finding the right interactive website tool.

Impress customers and increase trade-in leads

Enter Accu-Trade’s Instant Offer “Value My Trade” tool.

Chad installed Instant Offer by adding a single line of code to Western’s site, and suddenly everything changed. Customers loved being able to receive an accurate and immediate trade-in value online, and Western GMC Buick’s trade-in leads went from 10 the month before trying Accu-Trade to 84 the following month.

“Accu-Trade is the highest performing form on our website with a completion rate of 52%. It’s hands down the best way for us to capture trade-in leads,” said Chad.

With over half of all customers that begin filling out the form completing it, Instant Offer is the highest-performing tool on Western’s site.

After seeing what Accu-Trade was able to do for Western GMC, Chad didn’t waste any time in rolling out our tools at Wolfe Automotive Group’s other locations. We’re proud to say that we’re now Western GMC Buick’s top lead-generating partner!

“Accu-Trade is the best lead source on the market. Two months in Kijiji cost me the same as Accu-Trade did for the whole year,” said Chad.

Get great customer engagement

Every dealer knows engaging customers early in the buying process is the best way to start selling a lot of cars. Accu-Trade helps you do exactly that. Customers get a simple, precise trade-in experience, and dealers get a better conversion rate — and much happier clients.

We’ve been in this business for a long time, and we’re still expanding into new areas. Accu-Trade is behind the trade-in marketplace for AutoTrader, and we sold the technology that is now known as Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer. In the US, Accu-Trade is partnering with TrueCar to bring dealers TrueCar Trade. This new transparent valuation platform is user-friendly and mobile-first, and it will revolutionize appraisals and valuations for dealers and consumers.

What’s not to love? Start today with Instant Offer and you could see an 800% increase in leads too. We have more dealer success stories than we can count, like this one from a dealer who acquired 50 used cars in 30 days (check out this video from Logan Keirstead about it.) And if you need to hear more, check out the testimonials on our website to see how dealers drive more profits with Accu-Trade!

To find out more about how Accu-Trade can help you engage customers, win leads and make sales, visit Logan on LinkedIn, contact her at or call her at 506.874.7355. It’s easy to schedule an appointment with her on Calendly too!

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