VLOG: 50 Used Cars Pulled in on a Free Trial!

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VLOG: 50 Used Cars Pulled in on a Free Trial!

We just found out that one of our dealers took in a whopping 50 CARS during their 30-day free trial with us — we’ll let Logan take it from there:

“Hello everyone, I just got off the phone with one of my dealers that was on trial and he had massive success with the 30 days and I wanted to share what he did.

So they reached out to their direct mail company and developed a conquest email campaign where the general managers sent an email to the used car manager, expressing interest in quality used vehicles, including a link to their Value My Trade form on their website, which lead them to Accu-Trade of course. During the 30 day free trial, they were able to take in 50 used cars.

That was in the month of October and they’ve signed up for a year with us so we’re super excited. If you are interested in what direct mail company they used, who the dealership was and if you’d like to talk to someone there about the success of the campaign, or if you’d like to reach out to me and learn more about Accu-Trade, you can do all those things. We’ll talk to you soon.”

To find out more about Accu-Trade and how we partner with dealers to drive success, visit Logan on LinkedIn, contact her at Logan@accu-trade.ca or call her at 506.874.7355. It’s easy to schedule an appointment with her on Calendly too!

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