Should You Offer A “Boutique”​ Sales Experience in 2017?

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Should You Offer A “Boutique”​ Sales Experience in 2017?

Boutique Buying

Some buyers still want to come to your dealership, but we’re seeing that more and more of them want a boutique sales experience. Can you blame them?

“When asked about newer car buying alternatives, 54 percent of consumers said they would “love” being able to sell or buy a car from home and 42 percent were fine buying a car without a test drive, as long as there was some form of guarantee” according to an article on Digital Trends. You can view the full article and results of the Harris poll here.

  1. Consumers today visit 1.4 dealerships when they’re looking to buy a new car. Consumers’ today figure out what they want to buy without the help of a sales person, so having a great online reputation has never been more imperative. Make sure your website is littered with “why buy here” information to help your shoppers decide why to choose you over your competition.
  2. 56% of buyers test drive 1 vehicle or less: With the rise in information, consumers today don’t take test drives like they once did. Videos and ratings from real people give buyers more confidence to buy without getting behind the wheel.
  3. Online banking / financing: Now that we’re all banking online, why wouldn’t we be willing to finance our vehicle online? That’s exactly where the car buying experience is going, and what online shoppers are going to start to expect.

Thinking about improving the customer buying experience at your dealership? Check out how you can get capture more of your online visitors by giving them what they want.

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