TOP PAIN POINT #4: Trade-In Appraisals

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TOP PAIN POINT #4: Trade-In Appraisals

You have a trade-in, value my trade, or “sell us your car” form on your website…. but you’re not getting any leads from it. Why not? Because, customers today don’t want to fill out lengthy text box forms only for a sales rep at the dealership to contact them. It’s just not the way we operate anymore.

  • Trade in values remain one of the top 4 pain points for consumers today;
  • More than 70% of new and used car purchases have a trade-in attached;
  • An Auto Trader study showed that 63% of your online shoppers wanted to find trade-in values on a dealership website.

With Accu-Trade you can give your website visitors a range of value they could expect to get for their trade (not based on Canadian Black Book)… then, help them understand the value by appraising the unit interactively with the same information.

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