Learn how top dealers are acquiring vehicles and making money 100% of the time. Never turn a trade away again. By understanding the tools available, dealerships can now leverage data to assess and mitigate their risk while acquiring any VIN.

Don’t Miss A Willing Buyer!

In this video Bob touches on the end to end customer experience and how to avoid overlooking a willing buyers profile at your dealership again by […]

Walk The Car With the Consumer

It’s the dealers job to discover in 15 mins what could be wrong with any car, before welding themselves into a trade. Show the consumer what […]

Everything is Sold Through Eyeballs

Bob shares how leaning on data helps determine the pedigree and desirability of a particular vehicle. We meet Thursday at 10:30 am to discuss the Wholesale […]

Frictional Dynamic Across All Dealerships

Ever notice that the used car manager/sales manager never eats lunch with the service manager?  There is a frictional dynamic that is consistent across all dealerships. […]

Profit is Made at Acquisition

Learn how overlooking items at acquisition can get you “smushed” into vehicles.  We meet Thursday at 10:30 am to discuss the Wholesale Hustle. Join a meeting […]