Accu-Trade FAQ: Data, Leads and Customization (Oh My!)

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Accu-Trade FAQ: Data, Leads and Customization (Oh My!)

We’re always fielding great questions from potential customers about our Accu-Trade suite of dealer products. This week, we thought we would share a few common queries that really get to the heart of our products, Instant Offer and Appraiser:

What do you do?

Accu-Trade brings dealers Instant Offer – a high-performing “Value My Trade” plug-in – and Appraiser – a best-in-class, condition-based appraisal tool. Instant Offer and Appraiser work together to give dealers a complete platform to capture high quality consumer leads, generate precise appraisals, and acquire more used car inventory.

We’ve put our decades of industry experience to work developing Accu-Trade’s unique sales tools. Among our other product achievements, we are the theory and development engine behind Trade-In Marketplace, which is now branded as Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer and was acquired by Cox Automotive in 2014.

Where do your values come from?

Understandably, this is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Before placing your trust in any seemingly arbitrary value, it obviously makes sense to understand exactly how the value is determined. So how are ours determined? Our values are not based on Canadian Black Book; rather, they are based on Galves Market Data.

So What is Galves Market Data?

Galves value is NOT a mere statistic or & market average.

It is NOT derived from some mathematical formula projecting depreciation at a steady pace and it is NOT simply the average price paid at auction last week. Publishing meaningful trade-in values requires deeper analysis than that. We offer dealers and consumers values that make sense in the real world, not just in theory.

Whenever we’re asked about our data, we like to say that all Galves values are based on:

  • Input we receive from our experienced consultants
  • Analysis of current wholesale data by our in-house staff
  • Constant feedback we receive from dealers doing business literally outside our front door
  • Other diverse arbitration data sources from across North America
  • Our 60+ years of experience evaluating and analyzing historical/seasonal trends.

Since Instant Offer gives car buyers trade-in values from my website, will you work with my web provider? How long will your tools take to go live on my website?

Yes, we work with all web site providers across the industry. The iFrame code used for the form is small and unobtrusive, and it typically takes web providers one to two days to get the form live and optimized on your website.

How many customer leads will I get and what is the sales conversion rate?

This is correlated to your web site traffic. If you have about 5,000 monthly visitors, you should see a minimum of 15 customer leads per month. If you have 10,000 or more visitors, you should see a minimum of 30 leads per month.

Dealers can expect to engage a minimum of 3% of their website visitors with Instant Offer. Check out this case study to get more insight into our process.

The conversion data from our customers is even more impressive. Our strongest dealers convert at 20%, while an average dealer would convert at 8 to 12%. Select dealerships have seen upwards of 800% increases in trade-in leads.

In what ways can I customize Instant Offer?

Most importantly, you have control over the value range that the customer will see. You can simply use the default values, or they can be easily increased or decreased. Your dealership can decide not to display any modules, and you can also change the wording within the form itself. You can even use your own dealer video (or any video) inside the form.

Logan Keirstead

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Message me on LinkedIn to find out more about Accu-Trade’s innovative dealer tools!

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