12 Things Accu-Trade Does That No One Else Does

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12 Things Accu-Trade Does That No One Else Does

I sell over 50,000 vehicles a year as the largest volume dealer, buyer and seller of vehicles in North America. To buy and sell that many vehicles, I have to be right on the money. Every buyer I work with has to have access to the accuracy of Galves Market Data and millions-of-skin-in-the game transactions.

With Accu-Trade, anyone with a smart device can value any VIN with total confidence. Accu-Trade gives you the power to co-validate your thinking and ensure that you have an Instant purchase offer on any VIN.

That’s why we built Accu-Trade. Now, our best-in-class Appraisal tool and our Value My Trade plug-in are available to dealers.

Here are 12 Things Accu-Trade does (with speed, accuracy and transparency!) that NO ONE else can do:

  1. 17-Digit VIN Specific Valuations – always backed by a check.
  2. Appraise in Seconds – with full market context – in the lanes, on the lot and in the showroom
  3. VIN-quire on the digital footprint of the vehicle — see who has tried to sell, for how much and how long ago.
  4. Supply access to inventory consultants so you can always liquidate at will
  5. Base our data on transactional values, not empty opinions or guesses
  6. Determine values of vehicles that aren’t in a book, including current model year & exotics
  7. Give customers access to our integrated Guide Book for full market context
  8. Take important characteristics into account, especially the ones that change the vehicle’s value (like color)
  9. Maintain common problem sets on all VINs based on millions of “skin in the game” arbitration transactions over decades of auction sales
  10. Lane guidance, so you can see what to pay before you overpay
  11. Make sure our internal network sees all activity in real time
  12. Give you the ability to send VIN details, pictures and condition reports to your network, and BONUS:
  13. Our high-performing website “Value-Your-Trade” plug-in has proven to increase trade-in leads by 800%.

I personally make sure that Accu-Trade gives you everything that you need, any time you need it.

Accu-Trade makes it easier for car buyers to trade their vehicles with your dealership and for dealers to engage with these highly-coveted customers early in their purchasing cycle. Our tools are the fastest, easiest-to-use products on the market.

The Accu-Trade team partners with dealers to develop and implement positive trade-in processes that close more trade-ins, deliver higher profits and create great customer relationships, all while eliminating risk one VIN at a time.

-Bob Hollenshead
Co-Founder and Purchase Guarantor, Accu-Trade
President, R. Hollenshead Auto Sales Since 1979
The largest volume, privately held wholesale entity in history

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